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Progressive Rehabilitation and SpineForce

At The Wellness Pros, we assist all our patient patients with their path to overall wellness and health and this often includes helping them return to activities of daily living by teaching movement patterns.

Our Rehabilitation services include, but are not limited to:

Progressive Rehab

This method strengthens smaller often neglected muscles. Our bodies compensate for intrinsic muscle weakness by using the larger muscle groups. The process of progressive rehab builds up the smaller muscle tissue and reminds the brain they exist. Progressive Rehab stabilizes the body and helps to prevent future problems.

Pettibon Chair

The pelvic movements in the Pettibon Chair allow for full range of spinal motion which is essential for nourishment of spinal discs.

Posture Pump

This device addresses the cause of neck stiffness and discomfort. Body positions and poor posture force the spine out of the natural curved shape causing disc compression and prevents joint lubrication. Posture Pump gradually lifts, stretches and separates the cervical vertebrae returning them to a proper curved shape.

Thera-Bands and Exercise Balls

Thera-Bands and Exercise Balls aid in strengthening postural muscles and help prevent back pain. Resistance exercises increase muscle strength, tone and stability.


Deep spinal musculature is the most important, yet most neglected part of the human body. Responsible for all bodily movement, the health of these muscles is crucial. SpineForce® is the first technology designed to pinpoint and tone these deep spinal muscles.

Wellness: A gentle rejuvenating machine for seniors, SpineForce improves mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility and posture while reducing the onset of chronic back pain, fatigue and stiffness. SpineForce improves the quality of life.

Performance Enhancement: SpineForce optimizes the performance of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Conditioning up to 80 muscles at once, it stimulates key muscle chains, improving endurance, agility and balance. Precise, powerfully controlled movements decrease fatigue, reduce the risk of injury and speed recovery times.

Healthy Aging: Conditioning the body from the inside out, SpineForce prevents the onset of debilitating structural conditions, visibly improving bone stature and physique. SpineForce aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, simultaneously toning and firming the body for a firmer, slimmer figure.

Rehabilitation programs also include home exercise, rehab machines and cardio vascular equipment, and other therapies as needed.

Our specialties include spinal stabilization and accident specific rehabilitation.

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Begin care today.

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