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Patient Testimonials

Actual Patient Testimonials: How has Dr. Santucci and the DRX treatment helped your low back pain?

“Relief!” ~Brent Albert

“I am able to sit, stand, walk and do normal lifting pain free” ~Robert Morgan

“My low back pain “…was resolved in less than a month.” ~ Lynn Lyons

“After 20 treatments, I felt a lot of relief….” ~Bob Woods

“It has almost made me forget I ever had low back pain.” ~Adam Weiskal

“For the most part, I am relatively pain free. His explanations were clear and unhurried, a quality I find lacking in many doctors.” ~Nita Kast

“…proper adjustments…DRX…this combination relieved my painful symptom.” ~Rick Lambers

“ I am pain free and resumed normal activities of running, golf, etc.” ~Betty Root

Would you recommend Dr. Santucci and the DRX treatment to another person with low back pain?

“Absolutely” ~Brent Albert

“….the DRX 9000 machine could be a viable alternative to surgery” ~Bob Woods

“Absolutely! Yes! Dr Santucci’s diagnosis was thorough and on the money.” ~Adam Weiskal

“Yes, it really helped me” ~Robert Morgan

“Without Dr Santucci and the DRX, I more than likely was having surgery” ~Lynn Lyons 

“I have already recommended the DRX treatments to another person…” ~Nita Kast

“Absolutely!! Dr Santucci and his entire staff have always given me terrific care, allowing me to continue my active lifestyle and keep working.” ~Rick Lambers

“I recommend Dr Santucci and DRX treatments to many of my friends.” ~Betty Root

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