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Campbell Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Santucci

Dr. Thomas Santucci

Los Gatos / Campbell Chiropractor,
Dr. Thomas Santucci

Active & Integrative Chiropractic Care

Welcome to The Wellness Pros ™ of Los Gatos/Campbell.  My name is Dr. Thomas Santucci.  We have practiced over 15 years in the Bay Area with offices in Los Gatos, San Jose and Campbell. We combine Chiropractic Care, Clinical Nutrition, Progressive Rehab and Personal Training.  It just may be one of the most beneficial health care decisions you’ll ever make.

“I became a Doctor of Chiropractic later in my life” – a fact that has shaped much of my practice.  By undergoing physical rehabilitation, surgery and significant ongoing pain, I experienced first-hand how our medical system handles trauma and chronic dysfunction. This experience has helped me develop a practice that quickly and expertly establishes diagnoses and starts you on a treatment plan without wasting your time.

Professional Background

Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical  Nutritionist
Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress


Georgetown University in 1978,
Life West Chiropractic College 1996

Additional Education

Certified Clinical Nutritionist 2000
Diplomat in Traumatic Stress 2001

Professional Associations

California Chiropractic Association, Santa Clara
Chiropractic Association, American College of Nutrition,
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER),
Who’s Who International

About Dr. Santucci

Thomas and Lucia  have an active family life with their nine year old daughter – Sara and thirteen year old son – Tommy.

Dr. Santucci is a firm believer in the personal benefits of chiropractic and not just a Doctor of Chiropractic, he continues to receive care as well.  He believes that the best way to not only keep himself healthy and effective is to “practice what he preaches.”  From using the DRX as a preventive care measure for disc issues to the 30-day detoxification program, he continually puts himself in the “patient’s shoes”!

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