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Functional Clinical Testing For Campbell

As an integrative health center, we employ the most current advanced testing and diagnosis methods available. These tests give conventional levels of information and often go further to measure the function of an organ or biological system to help with diseases like Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. DNA testing is the latest advance in diagnostic assessment. Genetic markers for Cardiac Risk, Immunity and Osteoporosis have been recently introduced.

Because chronic illness is often an interrelated set of symptoms we look at physical, chemical and neuro-energetic aspects of the problem to analyze disease. Within this framework, we investigate multiple organ systems in order to address the condition most effectively.

For example, in assessing fatigue, the impact of nutrition, immunity, hormones and detoxification must all be considered. By specifically testing in each of these areas, we can diagnose and effectively treat many conditions which may evade conventional protocols. Our treatment plans are then built on a solid understanding of the real cause of the problem and contribute to a high treatment success rate.

Functional health is integrative, science based healthcare which treats illness and promotes wellness.

Key Components of Functional Health

Biochemical Individuality – what works on one patient may be ineffective for certain individuals.

Interconnectedness of organ function – chronic illnesses often comprise multiple organ systems and are only resolved as a complex system. Working on digestion for example without working on detoxification or immunity may be ineffective.

Patient centered approach – by treating the individual with their specific history, genetic makeup, hormones and life style, we attempt to tailor more accurate and effective interventions.

Views health and disease as a continuum – health is a relative state with illness, disease and death at one end and health and vitality at the other. By understanding that most systems operate somewhere between dysfunctional and optimal levels, we judge health as interconnected physiological processes


We use a variety of out-source labs in order to gain important knowledge about your health. Great Smokies is one such lab and tests kits are available in our clinic. In most cases, patients are able to collect information and/or specimens within the privacy of their own home, and they are then sent to the lab for testing. Turn around time can be anywhere between two to six weeks, depending on the sophistication of the lab work being done.

Some of the Test Kits we offer include:

  • Total Toxic Element Profile
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Menopause Profile
  • Metabolic/Cellular Energy Profile
  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile
  • Neurospectrum Testing

What to expect:

When the results are received, a consultation appointment is set up with Dr. Santucci and your lab results are reviewed. This appointment can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes. It is important that patients are prepared for this amount of time, as this kind of information can be difficult to grasp at first.

Once the results have been reviewed, Dr. Santucci will detail a treatment plan specifically designed for the patient and their symptoms. These plans can range anywhere from 2 months to a year or more, again depending on the patient and the severity of their case.

Clinical expertise is especially advanced in cases of Fatigue, Headache and Bone & Joint Pain. The following graphs demonstrate how functional testing is employed for these common but potentially serious conditions:

Functional Clinical Testing Functional Clinical Testing Functional Clinical Testing

Functional or integrative health has become one of the primary frameworks by which we deliver health services. Our job is to develop the most accurate, insightful diagnosis possible and work with the patient to implement a solution.

We continually train and receive instruction from pioneers in the science and art of integrative medicine like Dr. Jeff Bland, PhD, and the staff at the Functional Medicine Institute, as well as technical training from Genova Laboratories and other leaders in the field.

Dr. Santucci also uses a variety of supplements to treat patients with functional health needs, including but not limited to those produced by Karuna, Metagenics, and Neuroscience, Inc.

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