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Detoxification and Weight Loss for Campbell

Many are surprised to learn that Detoxification and Weight Loss can have an important place in a chiropractic clinic. But what most don’t realize is that the related systems and their distress can greatly hinder a patient’s physical recovery.

When a person is injured, and seeking chiropractic care, often all they can think about is the pain that they are suffering in a specific area, be it their back, head, neck, etc. But what most don’t realize is that their lifestyle and health choices may have contributed to, or greatly aggravated, their condition.

In other words, a poor diet and/or toxicity in the bodies’ systems can cause other, more physical, systems to work incorrectly or improperly!

This is why we often explore detoxification and weight loss with out patients. Now, not all patients are candidate for this level of care, but it is something that all patients should consider. We also offer these services for patients who are not necessarily receiving chiropractic care.

To put it plainly, our bodies’ natural systems and metabolic pathways are a miracle as long as we provide the nutrients needed for them to perform correctly.

Some of the programs that we offer are:

The cleansing nutrients in our Isogenix Cleanse for Life detoxification system supports your body’s natural systems to help improve metabolism—your liver, colon, kidneys,lymphatic system, and adrenal system. But here’s the best part: Cleansing effectively provides you an extra benefit—burning fat efficiently and losing unwanted fat quickly in a safe, natural way that will offer you more physical health and capability than ever before.

We offer either 9 or 30 day programs that are easy to follow and designed to meet your hunger and energy needs. To find out what your weight status should be, we recommend a consultation appointment in our office to compute your Body Mass Index (for more information, please see our Computerized Body Composition Testing page) and a comprehensive nutritional visit with Dr. Santucci.


We also use a variety of other detoxification and weight loss programs such as Ultra Lite, Ultra Meal, and nutritional supplements to target specific organ detoxification.

If you are interested in learning more about the Detoxification and Weight Loss services that we offer, email us using the Email the Doctor link below or call the office today for a nutritional consultation.

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