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Computerized Body Composition Testing

One of our main goals at The Wellness Pros is to guide patients into a longer, healthier and more vibrant life. We do this by analyzing and intervening on the ten biomarkers of aging.

Biomarkers – A Prescription for Lengthening Your Health Span

In 1991, William Evans and others published a series of objective measurable statistics which correlated well with prolonged vitality and age extension. These health markers are:

  • Your Muscle Mass
  • Your Strength
  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Your Body Fat Percentage
  • Your Aerobic Capacity
  • Your Body’s Blood Sugar Tolerance
  • Your Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
  • Your Blood Pressure
  • Your Bone Density
  • Your Body’s Ability to Regulate Its Internal Temperature

Using RJL Bioimpedence technology we can measure body composition and develop an individualized plan to put you in the best position to enjoy a long health life.

Why is body compostition important?

Scale weight is not an indicator of an individuals fat, lean or health. Body composition is the amount of lean tissue compared to fat. Body composition data can form the basis for a wide variety of therapeutic health and fitness prescriptions. In clinical applications body composition analysis along with nonpharmacologic nutrition and exercise prescriptions provide the foundation upon which further treatment is based. Only body composition analysis can determine how much muscle and fat are lost or gained as the result of any nutrition, exercise, or pharmaceutical prescription.

How is abnormal body composition managed?

When there is an imbalance between calorie intake and calorie burn we change our body composition. The quantitative management of abnormal body composition, i.e. obesity, anorexia, disease, etc. must be associated with daily calorie intake and expenditure. The successful application of body composition analysis must have a three compartment assessment. These compartments are:

The energy storage
Fat Mass
Fat is the energy storage mass of the body and is the total lipid mass (triglycerides) with a density of .9 g/ml. Fat mass is equal to actual weight minus fat free mass.
The support
Extracellular Mass
ECM is the support mass of the body and is metabolically inactive, consumes no oxygen, produces no carbon dioxide and performs no work. The extracellular mass consists of extracellular fluids and solids, such as bone and cartilage, with its primary function that of support and transport. ECM is located outside of the cellular compartment or outside of the body cell mass. Lean body mass is the sum of body cell mass and extracellular mass.

The RJL Systems Quantum II assesses three compartment body composition with accuracy and repeatability. RJL Systems software products allow you to manage three compartment information and interact with the data to create and evaluate custom prescriptions for change. This is a significant step beyond all other analyzers, which only report body composition as fat and fat-free mass.

What are the long-term benefits of a good body composition prescription?

The ability to (1) analyze body composition data interactively, (2) create prescriptions for change and (3) visualize the effectiveness of those prescriptions and professional recommendations with projected and historical graphs helps increase motivation for positive change.

The ultimate outcome is improved health and increased longevity!

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